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Winners Circle Winery

About The Wine

Every effort was made to make Bon Pari a top quality wine.  We sourced the fruit from the highest quality vineyards.  The grapes are harvested at a very low yield of 2 tons per acre, sometimes less, resulting in highly concentrated fruit.

The winemaker is Fred Scherrer.  Fred was educated at UC Davis and has been making wine for over 30 years ... I was thrilled that Fred agreed to make a relatively small volume of wine for me.  He used 40% new French oak barrels and 60% once used.  The wine spent about 21 months in barrel before bottling.  Fred’s winemaking philosophy is one of minimum intervention … if you’ve got great fruit, the wine doesn’t need to be “tampered with”.

The wines are released three years after the vintage ... most wineries released their Pinot Noirs a year earlier or more.  I want to ensure that the wine has sufficient time in the bottle to be drunk with pleasure on release. However, I believe that our wine will cellar beautifully for at least 3 to 5 years.  Therefore, you can pull the cork now or wait for the wine to develop additional complexity and refinement.