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Frequently Asked Questions:

I should probably answer a couple of questions of that many folks may ask:  

What does the future hold for Bon Pari? 

We produced just over 100 cases of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir in 2013 and 2014. Our total production increased to 150 cases in 2015 because of the introduction of our Russian River Valley wine ...  the production of the Sonoma Coast wine was actually down about 25%, due to the short crop.

In 2016, we will have about the same number of cases of the Sonoma Coast wine, but our production of the Russian River Valley will increase to over 100 cases.   These wines were just bottled and will be released this Fall. 

In 2017, Winner’s Circle Vineyards produced its first crop of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.   We produced about 100 cases of 2017 Winner’s Circle Vineyard Estate Chardonnay and bottled 80 cases of the Estate Pinot Noir.  The fruit from Winner’s Circle Vineyards that I am not buying is being sold on an exclusive basis to Kosta Browne.  They recognized the potential of the vineyard very early!

Why did we raise the price of the Sonoma Coast wine for 2015? 

The Pommard clone fruit cost us $10,000 a ton.  Because of the incredibly low yield (under 1 ton/acre) in the vineyard, the increased price was required to recover the high cost of this fruit.  The product is well worth it ... it should be priced higher.  

Where can I try your wine? 


Bon Pari is available in Cincinnati, Ohio, at these fine restaurants:

It is also on the wine lists of the private Queen City Club and Kenwood Country Club.

Hyde Park Gourmet Food and Wine is our exclusive Cincinnati area retailer.


Look for Bon Pari at these fine restaurants:

Our exclusive retailers are:


Mixed cases of Bon Pari are included among the auction lots for these charitable fundraisers:

Where could I buy other wines similar to yours? 

My winemaker, Fred Scherrer, makes a full line of premium wines including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Fred's wines are very well-made and very reasonably priced.  You can see his offerings on  And, if you've seen the October 2016 edition of the Wine Advocate, you will see some outstanding reviews of Fred's wines from Robert Parker.

Are you going to make any money on your wine? 

Not a chance!  The cost of producing the wine, the overhead costs, trademark registration, legal fees and all of the costs of regulation and legal compliance are overwhelming for a winery making only 100 cases or so ... but you have to start somewhere.

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